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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

#BergerXP IndiBlogger Meet

Being a foodie and a food blogger, I was eager to taste the food first, and I have to say that I am very much satisfied with the food quality. Though, I ate only vegetarian (I am not a vegetarian. Since my hubby is following a 48-day Vratham for Sabarimala, I prefer to eat only vegetarian food.), which I liked so much, and I still liked the way they displayed the food. It was good enough to impress me. After having a good lunch, I along with my hubby Sarav and blogger friend Leo, I met some wonderful bloggers. Though, I was a bit shy to initiate a conversation, Leo helped me by introducing to his friends. It actually helped me to converse well with Reena, Subha and Ramya. We went onto the stage to get ourselves framed. Guess what, I felt like a celebrity.

I was bit nervous – this is my second meet and I am unable to register with the special invite due to technical problems – Aarushi and Anoop helped me register without any problems. In fact, they were so friendly and the way my hubby conversed with IB team, it made me happy. The warm welcome by them made me feel comfortable. I loved it very much.

Karthik – one of the IB core team person – helped us stretch with exercises which only he could teach. It was fun and I guess my hubby captured a video of it. After that they made us play a fun game – Balloon Burst – I was one of the Last Four to last in the game. Happily, I played well.

Anoop was on the roll with a great introduction about #BergerXP, followed by Chandra’s presentation. It was so enlightening. I was hooked to the conversation, as we recently built a new home and we just completed painting a part of the house.

What impressed me much was the tools they used and it suited their tagline – Faster. Cleaner. Better. Remember, it is 40% faster than traditional painting with no additional cost. Had I known this before, I would have definitely opted for Berger instead of Asian Paints. Anyway, not much to worry about, I still have one more floor, which we will try using Berger. I shall write a review after getting my home painted. For now, I shall surely say, they are the best available paint brand in the market. And I am saying this, because I used Berger paints during the meet to create our masterpiece – Wish IndiBlogger team puts it in auction ;)

We were asked to form a team of five, followed by the introduction to the tools, they made us scrub a cardboard that had poor putty. Uff… it was tough to make it smooth. The judges made it tough too… still Team Aakriti – our team – won the round. The second round was to paint a theme and present it on the stage. We did really well. Our theme was “Colors of India” And we drew a masterpiece!

Do you agree that IndiBlogger should put our masterpiece in auction? Hmm… Take your time to answer. In the meantime, let me introduce you to the tools:

SANDING MACHINE: It is Faster and Cleaner with Dust-Free Vacuum Function.

MULTIPURPOSE MIXER: Quick & Hassle-free Mixing that can help you mix putty and texture of your choice.

AUTO ROLLER: Have you ever seen an adjustable roller with automatic paint pumping, giving a superior sexy finish? Watch it below…

HIGH PRESSURE WASHER: The difference between a worst experience and the best experience is when someone start cleaning the walls. And that’s what Berger has done. A Hi-speed Pressure wash with regulators addition to the nozzle adjustment. It’s just amazing!

AIRLESS PAINT SPRAYER: A sprayer that supports water-based paints and primer giving a classic touch.
Experience Berger XP now… Check out latest TVC...

Done with watching the TVC? Even we were done with the meet. Though we did well, we did not win the contest. It’s okay. I am super-duper happy to be a part of this exciting meet.

Guess what we took the Million-Mannequin Challenge! Everyone was on their feet like a statue, and we did it in style. Not to forget the coffee I sipped just before the session. It was so good, tasted like heaven!

The meet came to an end with a surprise element. We know we will be given gifts by the sponsor, but what made it outstanding or surprising was the IndiBlogger T-Shirt! Happy to own one now!

After a fruitful day, we headed back to our home to jot down my experience and share it with all. For more info visit and make sure you watch Express Painting Success Journey -

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