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Tuesday 24 March 2015

The Hunger Hunter

As they saying goes, “One must get inside the stomach to twinkle inside the heart forever!” I started cooking after my marriage to twinkle inside his heart, sooner I realised the passion I had for cooking. I tried all the varieties I learnt from the world’s greatest chef, my Mom. As the days rolled on, my hunger for cooking anew grew inside. In the past two years, I had tried so many different varieties in order to satisfy the hunger hunter I had inside.

Due to my hubby’s job relocation, we shifted to a new home, in the same circle where Guptaji’s lived. New language, new place, new neighbours, allowed me to explore the world of cooking for good. It increased my hunger for new recipes, simple but good ones. I tried many, some came out really well, some were a disaster, and some were awesome. My hubby appreciated my cooking, introduced me to the world of blogging, and said, “There are thousands like you who are passionate towards cooking, and hungry for trying out new dishes and cuisines. Show them your way of cooking and keep the hunger alive.”

That’s how Vinayaka’s Kitchen was born that gave wings for my hunger, and allowed me to fly high. I met some new friends online, neighbours became friends, appreciated my cooking and its taste. It helped me to kick out loneliness from my life and bring in happiness to myself. It was a great transmission.

From one of my neighbours, I heard about Guptaji’s Family, and their mouth-watering breakfast recipes. Right from Chapatti Cornflakes Chivda: a cornflake snack for all times to Sitaphal Cornflakes: an energizing walnut and custard apple recipe, multiplied my excitement. They were very healthy, delicious, colourful, and easy to cook recipes. I wished I could meet Guptaji’s Family and learn some easy tasty breakfast recipes that would serve my hunger for cooking new recipes.

Guess what, my wish came true on my hubby’s birthday, when I got an invite from Guptaji’s Family to visit his place and have Nashta with them. An appreciation note mentioning one of the breakfast recipe I prepared two weeks ago – Cheese, Strawberry, Onion Frittata.

I could not believe what I saw, it sounded much like a dream. Nashta with Guptaji’s Family? Appreciation note for a breakfast recipe I made. I could not stand on the floor. I danced to the beats of A R Rahman.

Once I was able to stand on the floor, I called up my hubby on his phone, and informed the good news to him. He congratulated me and promised to come home soon.

* * *

Life became beautiful when I visited Guptaji’s Family and had breakfast with them. The hunger hunter inside me was satisfied fully. If you wish to explore more of #KelloggsWaleGuptaji recipes, visit here:


  1. Even Gupta ji couldn't resist appreciating your brilliant cooking skills :)
    Kudos to you di. Very well written :)

  2. Nice mouth watering post Vidhya....


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